Auto-focus Calibration / Lens Micro Adjustment


Peachtree Camera Repair now offering affordable camera body & lens autofocus calibration

Have you asked yourself any of the following questions?

  • Why are my pictures consistently out of focus?
  • Is it me or the camera?
  • Why are their pictures better than mine?
  • Is there anything that can be done to improve the autofocus of my camera?
  • I have such a nice camera, why am I spending so much time sharpening in photo-shop?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, it’s probably time to bring your camera bodies in and let the expert technicians at Peachtree Camera repair

  • Check your camera bodies for proper calibration, this consists of testing and if needed adjustment of the bodies autofocus sensor (yaw and pitch)
  • Check and if needed adjust each autofocus grid (computer focus adjustment)
  • Check and if needed autofocus shift adjustment (computer/manual focus tweak)
  • Individually check and calibrate up to 12 lenses to each of your bodies (This process is carried out in our new precision lens calibration lab)


  • Check camera body auto focus calibration – No Charge
  • Calibrate camera body auto focus – $125.00
  • Calibrate lens to camera body – $20.00 per lens (per body)

We at Peachtree Camera Repair are always working hard to improve your picture taking experience!

The above camera body calibration procedure can be performed by Peachtree Camera Repair on most of the latest Nikon cameras and lenses. Peachtree Camera Repair has the ability to check Canon cameras for proper autofocus calibration, however if the calibration is out of standard on a Canon camera the camera in question will need to be forwarded to Canon for focus calibration. In such a case the body autofocus calibration cost will be subject to change. The above lens calibration can be performed by Peachtree Camera Repair on most of the latest Nikon and Canon bodies and lenses. It is normally possible to calibrate up to 12 lenses to each body.

For more info on Lens Micro adjustment check out this link!

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