Lens de-clicking and dampening

Peachtree Camera Repair now offering de-clicking and dampening on still photography lenses for cinematography. 
   One of the biggest issues with still lenses is the inability to change exposure on the lens during a shot due to the iris moving in clicks.
A few candidates would be older Nikon Ais lenses, Leica R lenses, Zeiss/Contax primes. All intended for still photography yet easily adaptable for motion picture.
All of these lenses have a common feature. A manual aperture ring that clicks into place at varying intervals. Some click at every third stop and some at every half stop. Regardless of the interval it is an annoying feature that doesn’t help motion picture shooters. Removing the “clicks” leaves a nice single, fluid movement that allows seamless aperture adjustments. The procedure is different from lens to lens but always requires disassembling the lens to get to the mechanism that provides the clicks.
Is de-clicking a necessity? No. But it makes DSLR footage that much closer to pro-motion picture. A goal all VDSLR shooters are aiming for.
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